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How I met my son, Faris

amboi tudia tajuk..heheh..

It's simpler if written by chronological order, so here goes..

13th September 2013, around 4 pm

We decided (actually I who decided) to go to Hospital Tuanku Fauziah Kangar in the evening since the induction process will only be conducted the next day in the morning, so there's no point of going early to the hospital doing nothing and waiting. (actually I don't like the idea of sleeping alone without the presence of family members, so yeah, in the evening we go!)

Straight to the Wad Bersalin, undergo the checking up procedure; final weigh in, urine test, blood test, CTG, and VE (vaginal examination) before signing on the papers to agree on the induce procedure. Changed clothes to hospital uniform, and checked into my bed, and say goodbye to husband and kids (it was one emotional moment :( we never be apart from each other these years)

The VE check up was frustrating, I was not even 1cm dilated. For a moment there I feel so scared, "so it's still intact not dilate, how am I going to undergo the induce labor tomorrow?" "how am I going to reach for 3cm dilated to enable me to enter the ultimate labour room?" how this, how that.. and I over-think and started to feel stress again. 

Thank God we have smartphone nowadays, I googled up for doa untuk mempercepatkan bukaan rahim.. hahah believe me, this was real, and the doa exists!

taken from :

So i recited the doa from surah Abasa over and over again all through the night as well as surah Yassin to ask Allah's help to ease everything tomorrow. I didn't have a good night sleep, I woke at 4am and started to feel nervous already.

14th September 2013

at 4.00 am I had to do CTG to examine baby's heartbeat, if it's normal so I can undergo the process, and alhamdulillah everything's normal. Walked straight up to my bed.

at 5.00 am, I finally woke up, kemas cadar, ambil tuala and headed straight into the bathroom. Mandi. Sebab panas, and sebab takut tak dapat mandi for the whole day due to the pain. (experienced this during my first time labour 6 years ago) . Tukar uniform baru, pakai bedak wangi and I even put a little make up on my face, and wait for the doctor to call up my name. 

at 6.00 am, nurses doing their normal blood pressure check up routine.

at 7.00 am, called into doctor's room to insert the proxtin (a medication to stimulate the servix opening to open for delivery) right into the servix. It was magical when the doctor said the servix has already 2cm dilated! So yes, the doa works! InsyaAllah trust Allah.. His will is way greater than ours.

So off I went to my bed, waited for the pain to gradually come. It was an easy and calm day, apart from being hungry because I wasn't allowed to eat anything an hour before AND after the proxtin insertion. So imagine how hungry I was that time.

To kill time, to seek help and to calm myself out that day, I recited surah Yassin non-stop. Thank you smartphone and the iQuran apps I installed long time ago.

at 11.00 am the pain started.. but it was bearable. Only mild back pain here and there. I was bored of waiting so I ask the nurse when will the doctor see me for another VE, she said at 1.45pm.

at 12.00 pm, another CTG process to prepare for second proxtin insertion. Again I was not allowed to eat anything one hour before and after the proxtin insertion. I was really hungry and cranky.

I cried a little cry seeing family and friends come to visit their wives and relatives in that ward. At 1.30 pm husband and his mother came to visit. My mother in law brought two telur ayam kampung for me to gobble before going to the labour room. Ayoyo why laa.. I don't know if I can eat that thing.. no noo..

at 2.00 pm I was being called for another VE check up. Still 2cm dilated. Very frustrated. The doctor even use her fingers to help the servix to open, and that hurts sooo much! She asked me whether I wanted to insert second proxtin. I said yes. The sooner the better. It's okay it hurts now. I want to see the baby.

After that, another CTG was done, the graph wasn't pretty this time and I told the doctor that was because I didn't eat heavy meal since morning so the baby wasn't as aggressive as usual.

at around 3.40pm I finally can eat my first heavy meal of the day. It was so heavenly delicious eventhough it's a so-so. You know hospital food kan? Healthy food less salt small portion, hehe.. 

I kept on reciting surah Yassin, and I think I get to sleep pretty well because when I woke up I see my husband's, MIL's and the kids's face looking at me smiling. It was around 5.30pm , waktu melawat. It's miracle, eventhough I was in pain, I still can sleep and I know it was because of the surah I recited non-stop.

Mama kept on motivating me, saying it's ok the baby will soon arrive, the pain will go, and so on. She hugged and kissed my cheeks, and suddenly I missed my own mama. hmmm..

It's getting dark, husband and MIL went home. I had to undergo another VE checkup. It was around 7.00 pm. And this time, I was 3cm dilated. Still intact, but there's hope..Ordered for labour! yeay! *excited*

at 8.00pm, call husband informing the news and ask for his forgiveness and prays for both mother's and the baby's safety. Went into the labour room with happy face.. pain? what pain? herherr

changed into labour room birth gown, cucuk tangan masuk air, and air ketuban dipecahkan. Painful, yes. But what I was about to feel was more painful than that. Then air Pitocin dimasukkan, and that was when the pain wildly started.

I remember looking at the clock, it was around 9.30. And then it was 10.00pm. Time moves so fast in the room, and at 10.30pm the contraction was once in a 3minutes. Peluh jantan mula keluar. I said to the staffnurse, "dah sakit 3 minit sekali ni kak" . painful, very painful. I'm lucky they gave me oxygen to breathe in, so the pain subsided a bit or maybe because i was high from the gas. hehe. recited the doa nabi yunus non stop and reminded myself to not to be stress. hmm

And then it was 11.00pm. I started to push already. Pundi kencing dikosongkan, sangat painful! But I know it was time, and suddenly without knowing I pushed, a very long hard push. The staffnurse and two other nurses just monitoring there knowing that I'm an experienced mother. (There were 5 cases that night, 3 ibu bersalin sulung, 2 ibu dah bersalin banyak kali :p) . The first push tak berjaya. So another contraction came and I pushed for the second time, and this time longer, harder and tougher than the first one. And the baby's out! Lega dan puas hati! The feeling when the baby's head went through from the uterus to the servix and finally out was so sakit dan keras gilaaa tapi puas hati! fuhh!

My baby's out. They put him on my chest right away. I knew I've seen his face from many of my dreams before this. It was like a dejavu. He looked quite small (compared to his brother and sister after birth) but then the nurse shouted from the weighing table, "4.05 kilo! woi berat woi!" hehehe.. that's my boy.

And everything after that was a history. Yup. Placenta susah nak dikeluarkan, it took half an hour to get the placenta out of the uterus because it was sooo BIG! 0.8kg worth the size! no wonder my tummy was so big! And my baby went straight to the Newborn ward, a procedure for any 4kg plus baby, to check whether he inherits diabetes from mummy or not. Sedih berpisah dengan baby, tapi ada hikmahnya jugak, Allah bagi umi rehat for two days untuk kembalikan tenaga dan qada tidur yang tak cukup sebelum ni.

on 16th September, we can finally bring him home. yeay.

*this is actually a long kept entry, punya lama simpan dalam draft. tak cukup timing nak menaip dan penat nak recall sebenarnya. Ada yang ingat ada yang dah lupa, and ada yang tak sure betul ke timing nya, but it was there and this is just for the record. Esok esok nak baca balik boleh baca. Walaupun dah tiga kali beranak, masih sakit yang sama. herher..

*yes I didn't have to kena jahit sebab tak koyaks herher.. alhamdulillah for the gift ya Allah..

*and yes again, I didnt gobble the telur ayam kampung beforehand...herherr.. actually excited nak masuk labour room.. hehe

*and for those yang tertanya tanya why lah dia ni kena induce ni, refer entry sini.. :D

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