Monday, January 28, 2013

Pixy Ultimate Makeup Cake

the name itself sounds yummy! (and so does the powder)

i'm currently using this product, and all i can say is it's even better than the regular pixy powder..well, the name says it all..

it is long lasting up to 8 hours, and it'll make your skin looks glowing and healthily matte..for those who dont fancy wearing foundation, this product is highly recommended.

just wet the sponge and apply it onto your face.. as for me, i prefer to wear day moisturizer, skip foundation (because i have oily nose it'll make my make up looks blotchy) and apply this powder straight away without wetting the sponge..

the price is around rm20ish i couldnt remember the exact number..but it really works wonder and exceeds your expectation within this range of price. ;)

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Lyaa Suriany said...

lya pkai pixy yg biase tu jeee.

nnti blh try yg ni pulakkk

efa fairuz said...

erm, yg baru ni lagi best drpd yg biasa tu.. nnt try la :D

Lyly said...
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Lyly said...

Its me.....lyly a.k.a lailey.....