Wednesday, July 16, 2014


it is so frustrated when you know that your beloved student just talk bad behind your back, and even dare to complain about you in front of other people, when you know it is so unfair to do so because of the limitations you're facing and they don't know about it.

just. sad.

i wish i can fly away, go to other places, not wanting to think about this anymore.

how i wish it is that easy.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


it's funny how weird u feel when u read on your previous blog posts.. 

so young and energetic.. and so perasann!! hahaha

it's that phase again.. the phase when i feel like changing all my facial/skin care because.. well.. i get bored easily, and my skin gets immune to my current products..

so instead of searching for other sources, i read back all my previous posts regarding my previous skin care, and surprisingly i feel like.. wahh lega nye ada review ni.. like, is it really me who write this review? really? that good?


sounds funny, but i'm glad i have a blog. it keeps track of what i feels (and what i purchased) at certain time.

seems like i'm going to re-purchase these products right now..

thanks to me. yeay! :p

*oh btw, i've tried Syurah Qaira, and Clinelle Whiten Up.. no luck at all! naik jerawat pasir atas muka.. maybe it doesn't suit my skin. so back to the old products i guess.

Monday, May 19, 2014

twilight saga dont' care.

can't stop listening to these songs.

i always love any song that have the spooky/sad feeling with a little dramatic effect, for example, songs like these: bring me to life (evanescence) & godfather OST ..can't remember too many.. these Twilight Saga soundtracks are to me such an eargasm. 

kudos to Carter Burwell for creating such masterpiece!