Monday, March 10, 2014

it was a sad day for us

it was sad, very sad. 

i remember waking up to the news of 'missing flight' at my fb newsfeed. and it wasn't a prank.

i cried reading the facts that there were two infants on board. 

i hugged my baby, i cried.

there's nothing we can do now except praying for the best and hoping that may Allah ease everything, and leave the professionals authorities to do their job.

Monday, January 13, 2014

aging process really changes your favorite colors..

i think it's about time to leave behind my signature nude-smokey-make-up look. i don't think i look that good as i was before. i mean, it's too heavy for me, i think i look like a drag queen.

it might not look that heavy in photos, plus we have filters and lighting. but truth is, to wear smokey eye shadow is not my preference nowadays.  

this is my kinda go-to make up lately. thin layer of powder, eyebrow liner, eyeliner, and a swipe of one good fuchsia/red/pink lipstick.

i hate this kinda colors before. i never thought i look good wearing them. but as time goes by, i think this color is not bad at all. i mean, it lightens my skintone, and freshen my dull look.

no wonder women of older age likes fuchsia/rose/red/pink colors more than young girls.. i know now how it feels. it must be the aging process. must be it!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Confinement Make up

So they say mummy in confinement  just sit, sleep and take care of baby and her body. No. We don't do just that.

We shop.
We shop, like, A LOT!
(online and offline) :p

As for me, apart from buying stuffs for my kids, I shop these..


The above two photos are my recent make up haul from Elianto. They were having sale, I think the sale is still on going, you know Christmas and Year End Sale kind of sale. :D

This one is from Watsons, mostly are Silkygirl products and one Blusher from In2It. I love all of these! Cheap and works like magic!

And this one I've blogged in this entry, a haul from it's massive sale. I love all of them also..

And with too many make up stuffs in my collection now, I think I should buy this..



I shall end this entry right now and will review the products later.. :D

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